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New Yorker

NEW YORKER is one of the biggest fashion business for young people in Europe. Since opening its first branch in the northern German town of Flensburg in 1971, NEW YORKER has never looked back.
Nowadays NEW YORKER has more than 900 stores in more than 30 countries.

The NEW YORKER range consists of the following own brands fishbone, fishbone sister: these brands particularly address all the young people who want to emphasize their personality with the cool street wear. fishbone sister is characterized by hugging, yet sporty cuts. fishbone stands for sporty casuals and an unlimited variety of colours and shapes.

amisu and smog: the amisu line for fashion conscious women features feminine, elegant cuts.Modern Basics encounter unusual details. The smog label offers young men, both classic and clean looks and street-style elements, with a focus on casual wear and denim.

censored: romantic bras, corsets and seductive lacy undies are available from this own brand as well as sporty panties and feather light negligees.

swimwear: the swimwear collection creates a dazzling impression with elaborate details like sequins, pearls and rhinestone applications.

accessories: NEW YORKER customers make an impact with the elegant accessories from NEW YORKER, which complete a fashionable outfit.

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